Alex Grymanis, Athens-Greece

Being a snowboarder and skateboarder from a young age, Alex found himself surrounded by motions, actions and moments that inspired him to capture with his camera. 

Born in Athens in 1989, Alex studied Photography at IEK Akmi, one of the leading photography colleges in Greece.

His first published click - from a snowboarding trip at the Alps - was in the Extreme Experts magazine in 2009.This was only the beginning. Since 2009, Alex has been travelling around the world and has been working with some of the leading brands in the action sports industry (Red Bull, Nike SB, Vans).

In 2014, Alex became an official member of the global Red Bull Photography team. 

His expertise in action sports as well as his distinctive street style has brought him a variety of clients from different industries - fashion, commercial. 

The past few years, he has been shifting into other sports (football, track, basketball) as well. In 2021, he became the official photographer of AKFC.

Alex is a proud Canon and F-stop gear ambassador.

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