Makis Kalaras ,is an athlete who demonstrates from his life what it means, especially nowadays, to be a fighter and to see the difficulties of everyday life as a challenge.
Since he was 17 years old, after an accident, Makis is stagnated in a wheelchair.
However, this has not stopped him :
First, he was into Dance & Basketball , then Swimming and weight lifts bench.
Discus throw followed where he won the silver medal in Athens 2004 Paralympic games achieving the new European record.

From 2004 to 2008 where he participated in Paralympic Games in Beijing, Makis won many international awards and as well the love of the Greek public& sports fans.

Today, 36 years old , Makis is the only disable athlete in Greece who is dealing with the sit ski & the only Paralympic Athlete who is aiming for participating in the Winter Olympics 2014 in Russia, with a very good performance.

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